20 Years in the Making

Helping our Customers grow and thrive

"People don't care what you do, 
they care about what you can do for them"

"Why you do it is more compelling than what you do".

Formed in 1992, Prodigm has been dedicated to creating wealth, manageable growth and more enjoyable work and management processes for our clients.

"We break new ground together" 

We do it by designing and implementing effective business systems and exciting automation techniques that have allowed our clients to run their business in innovative and effective ways. We help create a competitive advantage.

Zoho Partners and Certified Consultants

Since 2011 we have been Zoho Partners, bringing the power, security and cost-savings of the cloud to a new group of SMB clients. Zoho is an amazing software company which PC Magazine recently described as "making the best customer relationship management (CRM), word processing and project management software on the market".

Why we love it

Implementing CRM systems is a very interesting and rewarding process. It means we have to understand our customers' future plans and current frustrations. It also means that when we finish a job, we leave behind happy customers with big smiles.

How we do it

Our experience and judgement is a key component to ensuring success of your project. We start with a "Pain" questionnaire that helps your team understand and agree on the challenges that the system will solve. Without that consensus among the key stakeholders, the process, time, cost and effort to complete the project may seem unnecessary to some of the stakeholders.

Our Discovery process with the key users ensures we mutually identify and decide on our shared point on the horizon, where those plans are realized and their frustrations and challenges have been addressed.

Keeping everyone on-side through the process means communication and project management skills. We work fast so that we can deliver results while the reasons for doing the project are still fresh in everyone's mind.

Prodigm has worked on projects of all sizes for a wide variety of clients, some large corporate household names, others two-man startups and every size of business in between. We have seen the profound impact of successful system implementations and what it takes to succeed. 

Most projects have involved CRM, transactions, Marketing Automation and sales process design and support. We follow the Sandler sales process in our own sales process and we encourage customers to adopt a similar approach to deliver consistent sales results.

Our philosophy and practices in how a CRM implementation will help you grow your business is explained in our 6 Pillars for Growth strategy and videos.

We look forward to helping you grow your company.

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